Monday, February 9, 2009

The Beginning of a Nursery

Well, we've got the nursery going. We painted this weekend and got the furniture and a few other things moved in tonight. We are still lacking most of the decor, the curtains, the rest of the bedding and maybe a rug or something.
This is the room before we did anything
Caroline was giving Daddy instructions about how to put the crib together

The baseball fabric in the bedding

Caroline trying out the bed

The toy chest was made by Chris' GrandMarshall and the bear was made for Cooper by his Aunt Allie and Uncle Anthony. The rocking chair came from my grandparent's old house.

We obviously still have a lot of the cutesy stuff to do, but it can be used if we need to!


Scooter said...

I love this picture. This will be such special memories for you.
Can't wait to meet Cooper and Owen.

Emily said...

Looks like it's coming right along. So fun!

AK said...

Can't wait to be there!!!

Kylene said...

The room looks great! Love the bedding and your baseball theme. It's very cool! Hang in there for the next few weeks! :)