Friday, December 14, 2007

Today is actually the Friday Fave 4, but because it still has the "F" thing going it counts right?

The other day, Amy was saying, " I think us girls are like a cake. Each of us is an ingredient that has to do with our personalities." (Amy is the creative one...) So here are my Favorite Four cake ingredients.

  1. Amy- Amy is the nuts. She is the bohemian, academic one. She adds the special "crunch" to the group.

  2. Laura- Laura is the icing. She's sweet and fun and the part of the cake that people always ask for extra of.

  3. Emily- Emily is the flour and sugar. The are the basics of the cake. The "staples." They make the base that the rest of the cake can stand one.

4. Shavon- Shavon is the sprinkles. She adds color and fun to the cake. Seriously, isn't everything more fun with sprinkles on it?


Amy S. said...

Just in case anyone is wondering . . . Ashley is the spices that we add. What a boring cake it would be without the vanilla and cinammon and other secret spices!!!!

Kristen said...

Exactly what I was going to ask, thanks Amy! How cute are y'all!!