Monday, December 3, 2007

Sorry for the delay...

I just finished reading the over 4,000 page Harry Potter series and let me just tell you- they were amazing!! Mind you, these are not for children in my opinion. So here are my five favorite things about Harry Potter. SPOILER ALERT- don't read if you don't want to know how things work out in the books!
  1. Dumbledore- I love the endearing, elderly figure that guides the younger characters. He is like Galdalf from Lord of the Rings. I think my favorite thing about him is that, until the last book, you never really felt like you knew him, but you just trusted that he had Harry's best interest at heart. I sobbed when he died! I never dreamed that it was possible for him to die.

  2. Quidditch- It was so funny to me that by the end I could have actually played a game of quidditch, if I had a flying broomstick of course. I liked how it took some of the intensity out of the books.

  3. The Moving Photographs- I think it would be so neat to have a newspaper where the photos move and show what is actually happening or the have an album where the people wave at you. Love that!

  4. Characters- Professor McGonagall- I love her spirit. She is so emotional but also large and in charge, Sirius Black- I was sad that he wasn't in the storyline longer. He was kind of like Harry's family and I liked the side of Harry it brought out to have someone he could be honest with, Neville Longbottom- He started off so dorky and unsure, but by the end he led the uprising at Hogwarts. I would have liked it if in the end he and Luna had gotten married.

  5. Gadgets- The Sorting Hat-a hat that can read people's minds- how cool is that!, The Pensieve- I would love the chance to go back in time and look at other people's (or my own) experiences, Wands- Oh to be able to cast spells at a moments notice!, Invisibility Cloak- These would be so handy, but I would so misuse it because I am so nosey!

I could go on for days!! If you have read Harry Potter and love him the way I do, I want to hear your favorite parts (characters, scenes, whatever!)


Amy S. said...

I love the purity of the books. Did you notice that none of the children ever have to kill someone?? Voldemort died from the rebounding of his own spell. When Harry was upset enough to use an unforgivable curse, it would not work because he did not really mean it. Even the love is pure in there--and I love that love and family are the true magic in the books and the most powerful magic as well. I love sharing these books with others and seeing experience the wonder too!!

AK said...

I love how the ceiling of the Great Hall matches what is going on in the sky outside. I love the Weasleys and how they truly love Harry and treat him as one of their own. I love when, in the last book, Ron starts giving Harry relationship advice. I love how there are characters who you think are truly evil and then find out in the end that they aren't what you thought - i.e. Snape, Kreacher, and Draco Malfoy. I love how we have the movies to help us with a mental image of a completely imaginary world.

Emily said...

The imagination of the author is incredible. I would love to spend an afternoon visiting with her. Seriously, how did she come up with it all?

Love the graphic!