Monday, May 14, 2012

Disney on Ice

Several months ago, Chris and I saw that Disney on Ice was coming to the American Airlines Center. We jumped at the chance to surprise the kids, especially considering that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were the main attractions. Caroline saw some of the commercials and thought it was a new show at Disney World and she kept bugging us about going back to see it. 

We told Caroline that we were headed to Dallas for Daddy to make a quick work stop then after we'd have dinner. She was so shocked that Chris was doing work where the Mavericks play- hahaha. When we parked, I told her she had to put on her Tangled Halloween costume and she thought I was crazy! She hid behind me until we got close enough for her to see other people dressed like her. At that point, there was lots of squealing and hopping around. She was totally surprised and super excited!

Waiting for the show to start...
Coop was practically flying out of Chris' lap when he saw the grand finale with all of the characters. This so captures the crazy joy that our little guy brings into our lives.
Rapunzel wore herself out!
Getting the chance to surprise them and experience their joy made the night even more special for Chris and me than it was for them!

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