Monday, December 19, 2011


Travis Avenue Baptist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary this November. This church has been one of the most powerful blessings of my life. I am so privileged to be a part of it!
We took a trip with some friends to Santa Fe, NM to celebrate Chris's 30th birthday! We stayed in a beautiful house, the guys golfed, the girls shopped (and saw two showing of Breaking Dawn) and we all ate a ton. It was a wonderful trip!

We came home from NM and headed right back out for Thanksgiving. We continued our tradition of spending the week of Thanksgiving at Riverbend in Glen Rose. It is so peaceful and quiet- even with 30+ family members there!
We experimented with a caramel apple bar- SUCCESS!

Once again, we went into Granbury for the candlelight parade.
The grandkids
The whole crew
The great-grandkids
Our branch

We wrapped up November with a night out at the Bass Hall. We couldn't get our tickets fast enough when we heard that White Christmas was coming. We had a great night at the show.

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