Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ice Storm '11

To say these posts are overdue would be an understatement, so I am not going to dwell on it! Let's just hit the road!

The first week in February will be one of the sweetest memories in my mind forever. We'd moved into the Crowley house (post on that coming later) two days before the big ice storm hit. We knew we'd get a day, maybe two off, but we never expected to get 5 days in 2 weeks out of school! Because it was so unexpected and the roads were so bad, you really had no choice but to huddle up at home and relax. I think I ate 3 packages of Double Stuff Oreos and about 2 pounds of popcorn, but why not?

This was my view for most of the week...

Coop ate popcorn by the handfuls!

And a few Oreos he found in the pantry.

This little girl loves some snow!

Little Man really wasn't sure what to think, but ended up liking it once we got his hands warm.

Those rosy cheeks and that runny nose!

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