Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 4- Magic Kingdom

We got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to beat the crowd. We were one of the first there, but somehow it had turned cold! We froze, but got in everything we wanted because everyone else was sane enough to stay in.

We saw Mary Poppins again and fell in love all over again.
We got in to see the remainder of the princesses on this chilly day. Coop would not have been devastated to be out running around somewhere else, but he endured it.
I just love their expressions here!

Papa would do anything for his grandbabies.

Ariel! We were wondering how they would do the whole fins thing, so I guess they just omitted that very important part of who she was.
One of the last remaining characters to see was Jessie. We also got to see Woody again!
Another Cooper/character moment.
And another...

We ended with the traditional electrical parade while sipping hot chocolate.

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