Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2- Christmas Eve at Epcot

Christmas Eve was another beautiful day. We went to Epcot because we had reservations for a special event that evening. Our family loves Epcot!
We were sure to ride the Test Track and Soarin' (which was amazing!). We also made a stop at the Nemo ride where Caroline got picked out of the crowd to talk to the animated turtle, Crush. I cannot begin to fathom how this technology works, but he is animated and talks to the audience. Part of what makes Disney so magic! We got in a ton of princesses that day as well. The first was Snow White. I love the light peaking through the trees here. It was magical.
We also saw Mulan, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle that day. At one point we ran into Daisy, who just happened to repeatedly sign "her" name as Donald. Character confusion?
We made our way around the world that evening, enjoying each and every stop (and the food it provided). That night we had a reservation in England at the Rose and Crown. I was very excited to be eating there because that just happens to be the name of a pub in my favorite book/movie, Pride and Prejudice. Dad picked this restaurant for dinner because he was hoping to get some authentic British food, like he had when he lived there as a boy. He was not disappointed. The food was scrumptious.
In the pub that was attached to the restaurant, there was a lady playing the piano. Anthony took Caroline in to see her and next thing we knew, our shy Sweet C was on the microphone singing. I could tell by her expression that she was painfully nervous, but her need to do what was expected and would please those around her won out this time. At one point, I was a little stunned to realize my daughter was getting a standing ovation for performing in a pub- hopefully the only one of her life. It was unforgettable for all of us, but she still refuses to watch the video!
Before our special event of the night, we snuck in a quick moment with Aladdin and Jasmine.
When we first booked the trip and saw that we would be there over the Christmas holiday, Dad wanted to make sure we got in a large dose of Christ in our Christmas. This was the perfect venue. They had celebrities read the Christmas story along with music from a choir. It was such a wonderful moment that was absolutely Jesus centered. What a blessing! Several of us later mentioned it as our favorite memory from the trip.
Just had to include this one.

Sweet Allison has some issues with motion sickness and these bracelets were her lifesaver. I did, however, use them as a constant thing to pick on her about.
Epcot has one of the best laser light shows at Disney World, or at least I am told. I couldn't see a thing... The music was beautiful and I could see the big fireworks, so I certainly enjoyed myself.

When we arrived back to our condo, Santa Claus had left the kiddos some new pajamas and a note encouraging them to hop right into bed- something they didn't need much convincing to do.

We got a few pictures in front of the tree and tucked them into bed.

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