Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday was our yearly excursion to the great Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. We decided to opt out of the rodeo this year because there is no way Coop would sit through it.
The only pic of me, as usual
Papa took Coop in to see the animals. Caroline screamed and climbed Chris to get away from them. Boy vs. girls...
She will however ride the horse. Is it an order/control thing? She is my daughter...
Coop watching Caroline on the horse
I get this exact shot every year
Her first roller coaster. She screamed and laughed the entire time!
She said it made her stomach feel "tickley"
She loves feris wheels
Cooper giving the goat some love
The goat giving Coop some love
Cooper and Chris practicing for future hunting trips. Chris asked how much it was and I said it would cost him one wife
Coop in the his boots

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AK said...

I can't believe Caroline's old enough to ride a roller coaster! Maybe we can all go to Six Flags and Aunt Allie will take Caroline to the little kids part - maybe I can handle those rides!