Thursday, January 21, 2010


We continued our tradition of heading down to Glen Rose for New Years Eve. It is becoming one of our favorite events of the year! No kids, no fuss. We eat and play and eat.
We started the evening by playing Rock Band. This phenomenon in our household deserves a post all to itself. Just know that there was lots of singing and laughing. It was a jam session!
After we peeled ourselves away from the game, we went and played volleyball and basketball for the next few hours. I am not great at either, but I enjoy any competition, even when I have no talent to back up my big talk!
There was quite a bit of debate on the volleyball rules...

A few games of Knockout

Red arms after a few hours of volleyball

Carrie was nice enough to drive us back to the lodge in her vehicle, even if three of us had to sit in car seats!
More time on the Wii
The guys stayed up until 4 playing and doing who knows what! It was a really great opportunity to catch up and have some adult time!
There were also Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls...
Thanks to Emily and Liana- I stole their pictures...

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