Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Durn It!

Many of my closest friends have been talking for months about the Twilight series. I was So tired of not knowing what they were talking about! My friend, Laura, let me borrow her book right before Cooper was born. I tend to get really addicted to a good series, so I was warned not to start it until I was ready to be glued to it!
Well, I earlier this week I decided I was ready! I went to the pile of books that had been sitting on my chest for the last few months and picked up the one on top. I don't know anything about this series really so I opened the cover up and saw that it said "Book One." I read a very large chunk of the book and fell in LOVE! It was so amazing. I'd made up my mind to make it a long night of reading ( I love those!).
I turn the page and see the words "Book Two"... Humm so there are more than one book in each book. Yikes! It occurred to me that the "Book One" I saw originally may have meant for that individual book , not for the series. Oh Dang!
You guessed it! I read WAY into the LAST book. I am so mad! I didn't even know if I wanted to read the series. There will obviously be no real suspense! I have decided, however, to just start at the beginning and enjoy it. So maybe I know some of the big stuff, but I enjoyed what I read of the real BOOK ONE last night.

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Emily said...

That is a bummer.