Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LIttle House in Fort Worth

Last Thursday, I took Kristen and Peyton home from VBS and they spent the night. Kristen was in my class this year and I told her after school was out she could come over. We had so much fun! Don't get me wrong- Chris and I both fell into bed as soon as they were down. We had a very full day. We ate lunch and then swam. Then we played for a bit and then went to Taco Bueno. Neither of them had ever been there and one of them actually said they wanted to go there for their next birthday!! As they were saying this and I was looking at the mounds of food we got for about $1.67 I was just like "Well, this how the Cooks roll."

After dinner Peyton went to swim lessons and we took Caroline and Kristen to a baseball game that some of the boys from my class were playing in. We spent most of the evening pretending we were on Little House on the Prairie. They were calling Chris and me "Pa" and "Ma." We finished off the night by making a chocolate cake!

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