Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everything's just peachey!

Last Saturday, we went with the Harlesses to the Parker County Peach Festival. It is sort of becoming a tradition with us, but really by the end of it every time we are wondering why we go!! It is always 5 million degrees and crowded and expensive. But now that my body temperature is back in the safe range, I think we'll go again next year!

Here's Robby getting a hernia


AK said...

I always had that same feeling! Hot, crowded & expensive. But, tradition prevails over fun!

Carrie Harless said...

I think Robbie really did get a hernia. He complained the rest of the day!!! :)

Kristen said...

OK- we went this year, too- and NO THANK YOU! I'm glad I've been, so I know what is there and we had a family member that had a booth selling jewelry so we wanted to see her, but MAN it was sooo hot! Thank goodness I brought the stroller, Lucy was out!