Thursday, June 19, 2008

One of my kids gave me a free CD credit on a website as an end of the year gift. I really don't buy many CD's these days because I just buy the songs I want on I Tunes, so I decided to get a greatest hits album where I liked all of the songs. I started browsing and came across Amy Grant's Greatest Hits. I have SO many memories with Amy Grant!! Here are my top 5!

  1. Home for Christmas is for sure in my top 5 favorite Christmas albums! My sister and I sang Breathe of Heaven at the top of our lungs 100's of times!
  2. I remember singing "In a Little While" when I was a small child. I heard it on this new CD and realized that I had been singing pretty much every word wrong all of those years.
  3. I loved the "Lead Me On" video. She was in some sort of canyon and had a great perm! This is still a song I love to sing loud in the car!
  4. The Heart in Motion album has a very special place in my heart. I spent a lot of time on my fireplace hearth making up motions and singing to these songs. "Baby Baby," "Every Heartbeat," "Good for Me," "That's What Love is For," and the list goes on...
  5. My last favorite memory of Amy happened at my 6th grade Preteen Camp. My good friend Lindsey (Coy) Durham and I had practiced for weeks and had meticulously planned outfits so that our talent show performance of "Father's Eyes" would knock their socks off. We tried and out and made it and were selected as the final performance in the show. We got up there and I was a little nervous. I took one look at Lindsey and burst out laughing. Trying to sing while laughing is not a pretty sound. They played all the way through the track because I think they were hoping we could pull it together, but we never did. We laughed through the enitre thing! We made major fools of ourselves, but I still laugh to this day thinking about it.

Am I the only one that has fond memories of Amy??


Brittany said...

I LOVED Amy Grant!!! The Heart in Motion cd was awesome! Every song that you wrote on your number 4 brings back memories! That is so crazy...boy was that awhile ago!

AK said...

Anything from Age to Age was good - another song I know we had all the wrong words to was El Shaddai. Funny - I have a similar bad Amy Grant memory - except it involved me crying through the entire song Heirlooms while trying to sing it to Grandmother's Sunday School class this past Christmas.

Emily said...

I am trying to remember what grade I was in when I sang "Thy Word" in church one Sunday night.

Breath of Heaven still gives me chills.

Love me some Amy Grant!