Friday, January 11, 2008

Ok I have obviously passed on the neurotic organization gene on to my child. Now neither of us are really obsessed with cleaning or whatever, but everything has to go in its place. We love things like grouping, ordering by size and symmetry. As demonstrated above. We just threw all of Caroline's new kitchen stuff into baskets and her stocking on Christmas morning and she went through each piece and laid it out on the fireplace just to her liking. I love my sweet little 2 year old! She makes me laugh... and worry.

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Jennifer said...


Don't worry too much. My parents often recall strange stories of my obsessions as a child. As early as they remember I would arrange the keys on my teething ring by color, separate my toys by size, shape and type, and refuse to watch any show on TV but Wheel of Fortune so I could clap along with the audience. When I was a little older, I apparently used to rearrange all my books on my shelf by size, and change all the canned goods up so that the pictures matched in the pantry. I turned out pretty normal :-P