Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camp Travis

Chris and I had the immense privilege of going to Camp Travis with the youth this summer. We have loved working in the student ministry this year and this was a wonderful time! We both commented on how we liked going as counselors as much, if not more, as when we were kids! We both had so many great memories from going to camp that we were excited to make some new ones as adults.
We went to Camp Windowmere in Missouri. It was quite a drive, but that is always half the fun!

This is my rec group- The Underdogs. We were VERY aptly named, but had a good time none the less!
Dad and Me at the luau. So special to have shared so many camps with him!
Me and some of my very favorite ladies!!
The 9th grade guys in their Thriller poses. They were the winners of Travis Idol!
We had a wonderful time on the Lake of the Ozarks! It was a beautiful lake and we had a great time skiing, wake boarding and tubing with the kids.

This was the best way to kick off our summer. We built new relationships and strengthened many old ones! What a blessing!

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