Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last week was a crazy week. I'm not talking about the packed schedule or the Christmas hubbub. Our dog Buddy ( aka Devil Dog) got out on Wednesday. It was pretty close to dusk, we only had a few minutes to look before it was pitch black. Chris was really bummed because miraculously, this crazy dog has turned out to be pretty sweet and one heck of a bird dog. We put in the hard 4 years and now we weren't going to reap the benefits- what!! Thankfully, a kind family in our neighborhood found him that night and liked (?) him! They saw one of our signs on Friday and called us. Thank you Lord!
It's a good thing that he was rescued because on Friday, Dad and Chris headed out to East Texas to pick up a new puppy for Buddy to hunt with. He's a 14 week old German short haired pointer. After much arguing, I mean discussing, we named him Tucker. He's such a sweet dog! The only time he whines or barks is if Buddy leaves him. He can already retrieve (Chris is excited) and is getting in his first hunting trip this week. We'll keep you posted on how it goes. Better pictures to come later.

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