Sunday, September 6, 2009

6 Months

Cannot even take in the fact that my little guy is SIX MONTHS OLD!

*He's still a chunk... doctor's appointment is later this week, so weight and height measurements are coming
*Man he is so stinkin' squeezable!! He is really not super snuggly with anyone, but he does these dives into your neck our face and pushes his faces as hard into you as he can. It's like he's just nestling in. Love it!
*Lots of drool, lots of spit up. No need to expand on that
*He is getting to where he wants to sit all of the time, in carts, high chairs, etc. He won't play in a swing or exersaucer or anything like that at all really. He loves to play on the floor with a halo of toys surrounding him. He is getting to where he walks out his fingers as far as possible to grab what he wants. I feel like he will be mobile as soon as he figures out how to!
*He's almost gotten to where he can get his knees up under him when he's on his tummy
* He loves eating things like crackers and other things that get soggy and nasty. His real favorite food is whatever mom is eating. Thankfully we are not going to be in the nasty spoon-fed baby food for long!

Can't wait to see how much he changes this coming month!! I am going to try and start baby sign!

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