Monday, March 2, 2009

Girls Day #1

Today was the first of the two Girl Days that we are having this week before Cooper comes. I am so grateful for this chance to spend some time with my sweet girl before all of our lives change so much.

We started off the day by eating at one of our favorite burger places, Five Guys. It's our favorite burger joint in D.C., and we were so excited to have one here! We were planning on having lunch at the American Girl Bistro, but as soon as we saw this it was the last thing on our minds!

The American Girl Store and Bistro were absolute HEAVEN for Caroline!! She was running around squealing! We bought Caroline's Bitty Baby, Holly, a new outfit and enjoyed a yummy chocolate fondue!

On a random note... softball season started tonight! I could not resist posting this picture of Brian L....


Bryan said...

Wow, not only do I just naturally look gooberish, but I made on the "Girl's Day" post . . . don't I feel special!!!

Scooter said...

What a fun day. I will have to try Five Guys. Never heard of it.
Can't wait to hear about Girl's Day # 2
Miss you