Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poor Jack Pt. 2

Well, the next morning after I wrote about Jack's miraculous recovery, I was walking out the door to leave for 4 days when Caroline said, "Uh Oh!" and pointed up to Jack's cage. I looked over and one of the side doors was open! GREAT!!
We looked everywhere and couldn't find him! I had to head out and Chris had to go to work, so he said he'd look for him that night when he got home. Chris got home late that night and as soon as he walked in the front door- there was Jack in the entry way! YEAH, well sort of. He tried to catch him and Jack ended up crawling back behind our kitchen cabinets! The only way to get him out would have been to rip out the cabinet!
Chris decided to just leave him in there and he put his cage on the floor. Chris went and messed around on the computer for a while and when he came out to go to bed, there was Jack in his cage!
I am taking him up to school tomorrow where hopefully, he'll be safe!

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